CAD/Drafting Design Services


EDM Group’s CAD/Drafting services are a value-added component to many of our clients. As part of our extensive design services, we produce hundreds of detailed CAD/drafting maps for each particular design job. Recent and current CAD/drafting experience includes:

  • Mechanical drawings, as-built drafting services, and document control for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
  • CAD/Drafting services for substation designs for the Salt River Project
  • Mapping services for natural gas distribution projects for Southwest Gas Corporation
  • Street light design with CAD/Drafting services for Arizona Public Service Company


EDM Group has developed a service program to provide seamless CAD/Drafting services to reduce the Customer's backlog of CAD drawings and improve document control of drawings. Features of our services include:

  • Use of latest CAD software, including MicroStation® and AutoCAD® platforms
  • Adherence to national CAD standards with adherence to quality assurance/quality control procedures
  • Creation of a customized library of templates and symbol details
  • Scanning of hard copy drawings to electronic format, converting tiff/raster images to AutoCAD® and/or MicroStation® design files
  • State-of-the-art printers to print any drawing size including A, B, C, D, E, and tabloid sizes depending on customer’s preference
  • Research and analysis of design issues with complete field verification of drawing details
  • Project management to complete and deliver drawings at set schedules and timeframes
  • File management structure and document control of CAD drawings, including archiving of files
  • On-line file exchange over secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Available pool of experienced CAD/drafting resources
  • Project management to complete and deliver drawings at set schedules
  • Single-point communication contact for the client to issue tasks and assess progress and performance

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures

EDM Group can tailor QA/QC procedures based on client requirements. Our internal procedures follow specific steps to ensure the accuracy and quality of design standards. Our approach begins with a well-defined communication and engagement process with the client to ensure project success throughout the term of the on-going work. This includes clarifying roles, defining project success measures, setting a problem resolution process, assessing progress and performance, and capturing improvements. EDM follows a detailed quality control process using check prints to ensure compliance and accuracy with the work required. EDM Group ensures that the completed work is as requested prior to submission as a completed product.

Other elements of EDM Group’s QA/QC procedures include:

  • A job issuing meeting with project leader and CAD Technician to communicate requirements and deliverables
  • Logging of jobs in EDM Group’s Automated Job Tracking System, a web-based tool that monitors job life cycle and activities
  • Color coding scheme to document changes and signature stamp to ensure changes are reviewed and completed
  • Drafting check print: Individual review using a standardized checklist
  • Peer review drafting check print: Peer review using a standardized quality control checklist
  • Engineer/Designer review check print: Detailed review of the design based on the project requirements
  • Project Manager review check print: Complete review of the work to ensure compliance
  • Job closing meeting to review final issuance of job details and lessons learned